Ice Age Movie Storybook Is Free eBook Today

Today’s free eBook app of the Day is Ice Age Movie Storybook Collection by zuuka incorporated.

The free app includes stories from the film and comes with a free story called Ice Age. Check it out: “To avoid some really bad frostbite, and the threat of extinction, the planet’s majestic creatures — and a few small slothful ones — begin migrating south. The exceptions are a woolly mammoth named Manny, a high plains drifter who does things his own way, and a terminally lazy sloth named Sid. Manny has been convinced by Sid into helping reunite an abandoned human baby named Roshan with his family. This unlikely crew is joined by Diego, a sinister saber-toothed tiger who befriends Sid and Manny, all while seeing the infant as a tasty treat.”

Additional stories are available through in-app purchasing.

iTunes has the free download.

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