ICD Ultra Android Tablet: Interesting But Looks Too Bulky

The more I use my Motorola Droid, the more I’m convinced I’d like a Android based netbook or tablet (if the device could also download, install and run apps as-is from the Android Market). The Archos 5 Internet Tablet with Android is interesting. However, it is relatively expensive ($379.99 for the 32GB model) and seems to get less than estatic comments written about it. Engdaget took a look at another Android based tablet…

ICD Ultra Android tablet hands-on

…that they say may be available for about $249 (that only includes 4GB flash storage though). However, looking at the squaring looking device in Engadget’s photo, I think it appears far too bulky to be used the way I currently use my iPod touch around the house (essentially my mini tablet).

I bascially want an instant-on touch screen device with about 4 times the screen size of the iPod touch (iPhone) with a good webkit based browser, IMAP and Exchange Server capable email client, and the ability to install and use a variety of apps. So, good Android tablet or the mythical Apple tablet would probably suit me just fine.