iCab Mobile Browser: Test Driving Safari Alternatives

Writers reading and working on iPads or iPhones should check out iCab Mobile Internet browser. As you can see by the iPad screenshot embedded above, the browser allows you to do some useful things with online content.

With the browser’s simple tools you can save the page to Instapaper to read offline, convert it to ePub to read on your favorite eReader, or open the page in GoodReader. Once you’ve installed the browser on your device, you can download these useful tools at this link.

Are you looking for a new browser for your iPad or iPhone? In this first installment in an ongoing series, we are testing different iPhone and iPad browsers that you can use instead of the Safari browser on your mobile device. Share your favorite browser in the comments for a future Best iPad Browser post.

The iCab browser lets you search within a text with the “search in current page” function.

This tool is ideal for exploring long eBooks online and you can see the screenshot embedded on the right (click to enlarge).

Finally, you can use the browser to capture a video, download it, and view it offline.

It’s an easy way to take the book trailer along with the eBook or adding some helpful video aids to your reading experience. See the screenshot below, click to enlarge.