iBrowz Delivers Web Content, Apps to Smartphones

Intouch Group has released iBrowz, a smartphone application that lets users receive all their favorite online content and applications on their phone through a single interface. iBrowz users can access news, weather, stock info, sports updates and the like along with Facebook, Yelp and other Web sites with the simple tap of an icon.
The company also unveiled iStation, a Web-based companion for iBrowz where users can browse and subscribe to the content feeds and application widgets to populate their iBrowz interface. iStation is also where users can manage the layout of their iBrowz home page. iBrowz content is automatically updated in the background at user-selected intervals, so it’s always fresh.
iBrowz is also a boon for advertisers, with its advanced targeting and cached delivery, the company said.
Initially available for Windows Mobile smartphones, Intouch plans to introduce versions of iBrowz for the BlackBerry, Android and Symbian platforms in the near future.