IBM: 35 Percent of Planet Interested in Mobile Video

A recent IBM study confirms what many others have already suspected: the Internet and, soon, mobile video, are overtaking television as the primary media source for most people.

“As far as mobile video is concerned, an average of 35 percent surveyed globally by IBM said they have or want to watch mobile video. Seven percent report having a video-content subscription for their mobile phones. Nearly a third of U.K. users said their mobile consumption ate in their TV viewing time,” said the Hollywood Reporter and relayed by MocoNews.

In addition, people under 20 are most likely to want to watch video on their cellphones or laptops, preferring to start a movie at home and then continue it on the go with one of those devices, such as in 20-minute segments.

Study: TV is taking a back seat [Hollywood Reporter via MocoNews]