Ibis Reader Adds More HTML5-Based Features

The browser based reading app Ibis Reader got a fun new feature last week.

If you’re using Ibis in a web browser (but not the mobile interface), you can drag one or more Epub files onto the browser window and upload them. You don’t need to open a file menu or any special dialog box. Just drag the files.

The feature doesn’t work in all browsers, unfortunately; it only works in the later generations of web browser that have support for HTML5 code. This might be a relatively minor feature, but it still enhances the user experience and that’s what is important.

Every so often I like to highlight something clever that you can do with HTML5. This one is particularly interesting because it uses an ability that you might not know you had.  This drag and drop is already used in gMail. Did you know that? I did, and I have to say that it really makes it easier to upload files.

HTML5 is more than the fancy brand that companies like to throw around (Kobo, Kindle). There’s all sorts of interesting nooks-and-crannies with code that will eventually make web browsing a lot more interesting.

via ThreePress