Ibis eReader and eBooks on Palm’s WebOS


In honor of yesterday’s purchase of cell phone maker Palm to HP, blogger Mike Cane has written a post about how to access DRM-free EPub books on a Palm WebOS device, like the Pre or Pixi smartphones. He points out that one’s best bet is the Ibis eReader, the Web-based eReader that works on any device with a browser.

While Palm’s WebOS hasn’t gotten much traction in the eBook world, Cane seems to have high hopes for it in HP’s hands, not least of all because Palm doesn’t prevent anyone from selling apps in its app catalog (Cane points to this article to explain). And Ibis is also a way onscreen for non-DRM eBooks.

The future of eBooks will be a battle not just between iPad and Kindle, for instance, but, more generally, between open and closed platforms.