IBC Tries to Answer the “So What Do You Do?” Question


Besides helping to take home yet another Canstruction Vancouver victory, Mark Busse, of Industrial Brand Creative, has landed another terrific essay on the site. This time around, it’s “I Am Not a Graphic Designer,” wherein he tries to figure out just what exactly people should be calling themselves these days, because it certainly isn’t that specific. Here’s a bit:

While much of what we do as communication designers still involves aesthetic choices and artistic skills (craft), our professional practice revolves around a message-driven design discipline that involves research, learning, concept development, structuring and presentation of messages designed to facilitate better understanding within an audience. Of course we still use the elements of traditional graphic design such as image, text, colour to communicate, but often use important elements of modern messaging such as sound, animation, touch, or even smell in a recent case in my studio, to produce effective human experiences and message communication via print, electronic and three-dimensional applications.