iBasketball – Another iPhone Sports Game from SGN

So in recent months, SGN has been pumping out iPhone titles that emulate the basics of various sports. Through the exploitation of platform’s built in accelerometer, they have produced Wii-like titles that allowed users to golf, bowl, and play baseball. Now, the latest to come off the line is iBasketball, coinciding with the start of the basketball season.

The title, once again mimics the real thing (though slightly more awkward feeling than earlier titles), and allows players to participate in games akin to “Around the World” and “HORSE.” Using the accelerometer technology, players are capable of taking shots from five different positions. Each shot is worth one point and they are able to not only challenge their friends, but can enter an “Open Challenge” and join the global leader board. Furthermore, if desired, players can even receive email notifications whenever someone is challenging them.

The game also contains a rather life-like spectator feature, and great presentation complete with simulated sounds such as ball bounces and net swishes. However, despite the quality presentation, one begs the question, are the developers taking this Wii novelty a little too far? At first it was refreshing, but with iBasketball, it is starting to feel like a stretch.

SGN has done a great job in expanding the social graph to the mobile market. Considering that the iPhone is mobile, many people are going to play games on in public areas that are often confined (waiting in a restaurant, on the bus, etc) and these large motion based games aren’t the kind of things that will be able to be played anywhere. However, iTennis, iHockey, and iCurling are already most likely in the pipeline!