IAB Elects IDG’s Bob Carrigan as Chair

The Interactive Advertising Bureau is in the midst of a leadership overhaul. Its board of directors has elected a new chairman, IDG Communications CEO Bob Carrigan, while it continues a search for a CEO.

Carrigan, who served on the executive committee of the IAB’s board of directors, replaces 24/7 Real Media CEO David Moore, who served as chairman of the IAB for the past year and a half. Moore’s term recently expired. The IAB will elect the rest of the board of directors at its annual meeting later this month.

The first duty on Carrigan’s plate is choosing a replacement for Randall Rothenberg, who departed the IAB last December after four years to become chief digital officer at Time Inc. Carrigan said the interview process is in full swing, but he declined to put a time frame on the trade group choosing a top executive. Moore is leading the CEO search committee.

The IAB confronts a series of issues facing the industry, not least of which is calls for tighter regulations on the use of data. Carrigan said he’d like the IAB to focus there, while continuing to advance its expansion into mobile marketing matters, measurement and making digital media more hospitable to brand advertising, among other priorities.