The IAB and Mozilla Clash—in Person

Luma's Kawaja surprises IAB CEO on stage

The Interactive Advertising Bureau’s CEO Randall Rothenberg has had a very public disagreement with Mozilla over the browser’s decision to automatically block ad cookies in recent months. On Tuesday, Rothenberg was sitting for a keynote interview with Terry Kawaja, founder and CEO of Luma Partners, when Kawaja announced he had invited a surprise guest: Harvey Anderson, svp of business and legal affairs at Mozilla.

Rothenberg looked genuinely surprised as Kawaja looked on and laughed. The investment banker and ad tech advise had branded the showdown "Terry Springer." And while Rothenberg and Anderson were civil, at times even complementary, it definitely got awkward.

“There are some people at Mozilla who are actively against the ad business,” said Rothenberg.

“We’re not opposed to advertising in any way, shape or form,” retorted Anderson.

Rothenberg brought up the activist Jonathan Mayer, who has rallied for a default do not track browser solution. Mayer has helped work on some of Mozilla’s technology. “He doesn’t work for us,” said Anderson. “He’s not a contractor. I’ve never met him.”

The Terry Springer session ended amicably, with the two men joking they’d hug it out (though they never actually did).