I/O Ventures Demo Day Startups Show Off Facebook Integrations

I/O Ventures, an early stage startup incubator, held its Demo Day conference at The Summit work space/cafe in San Francisco yesterday evening. Startups working on video sharing, social video viewing, Page management, social content sorting, app stores presented to investors in hopes of forming connections and securing funding. Five of the six somehow used Facebook, here’s more:

AppRats: Video Distribution Apps

AppRats provides a Facebook distribution channel for YouTube content producers. It offers customizable Facebook apps which allow Facebook users to subscribe to email notifications, or automatically have a story published to their Facebook stream when their favorite content producers post a new video. Users and their friends click through the stories to watch embeds of the videos on the AppRats app. Each producer creates brands their app with their own assets, and distributes it to their fans, driving more video views.

AppRats makes money by taking a cut of the revenue share offered to popular content producers by YouTube, and through advertisements on the apps. It currently has 300 producers signed on to the app, with 50 of the 100 most popular producers on YouTube. The number of YouTube content producers with more that 500,000 subscribers has tripled this year, showing that the market for distribution tools is growing rapidly as well. AppRats is receiving 10,000 new sign-ups a day, and has received permission to publish to the streams of the friends of 450,000 Facebook users.

AppRats is currently looking for investors to help them expand the platform to Twitter and possibly personal websites

Social Vision: Synchronized Video Viewing

Social Vision allows users to watch videos at the same time as friends. Users can user Facebook Connect to send invites to friends who are online via Facebook Chat. One user has the “remote” and controls the viewing experience for all the users in the viewing party, who can discuss the video using an internal chat system. Users can port any YouTube video into Social Vision’s YouTube Social site by simply adding “social” after “YouTube” in a video’s URL.

Social Vision reports that its users spend an average of 12 minute watching videos, over the 6 minutes of the average YouTube user. The company has worked with Direct TV to embed their product within the television provider’s website. has created a website called YouTube Social, and are looking to expand to new video platforms.

Anomaly Innovations: Real-Time Social Content Relevance Sorting

Anomaly Innovations has built a product called Cadmus, a real-time social content personalization system which sorts your tweets, RSS feeds, and other content streams by relevance, and shows you trending topics from your own networks. The product operates on a real-time machine learning algorithm to determine what content is most important to a user.

Anomaly reports that users engage with a sorted tweet stream three times more than the same set of tweets listed chronologically as usual. Along with helping users directly, Anomaly is looking to build technology which can be built into social news sites.

The company is looking for $500,000 for the year to help it add more content services such as Facebook, and partner with more publishers and news services.

DamnTheRadio: Social Action Rewards Focused Facebook Page Management

DamnTheRadio is a Facebook Page management solution provider which lets brands and entertainers incentivize Liking and sharing of their Pages with digital content, discounts, and real-world giveaways. It creates custom landing tab apps for Pages which require users to Like the Page and/or share content with their friends to unlock rewards. Brands and entertainers can easily upload assets, set which content to giveaway for which social action, view analytics on growth and virality, and find influencers and top fans to reward.

The company has helped Wrangler apparel, Sony Music, and Enrique Iglesias engage fans. Linkin Park used a DamnTheRadio Page tab app to exclusively premier a new music video, netting them 4 million new Likes. The company currently has 2 million MAU across its apps and is cash-flow positive. It’s looking for investors who can help them find clients amongst film studios and marketing agencies, and expand to additional social platforms.

AppBistro: White Label App Store Platform

AppBistro is a Facebook Page tab application marketplace. Developers can list their apps on the site as a distribution channel to Page admins. Developers get 70% of the revenue, and AppBistro collects the remaining 30%. AppBistro has made transactions with 15,000 Page admins, seen 25,000 installations of apps bought on it’s marketplace, and is making $5,000 a month in reoccurring monthly fees for apps.

Today, AppBistro announced that it is expanding beyond Facebook and launching a white label app store platform, allowing any development platform with an API to have its own app store. Platforms can entice developers to produce apps fir them by creating a way for the devs to make money off of their creations. AppBistro hopes to create a network of app stores, leading to cross-promotion potential. It’s working with platform companies such as Constant Contact, Twilio, and Foursquare on potential new app stores.

AppBistro recently closed a $600,000 convertible note from investors including Dave McClure and Quest Venture Partners, and is looking for a an additional $250,000 bridge note to help them expand the app store program.