“I will restore honor and dignity to the White House.”

So — we know, at least something. At 2:15 pm EST Patrick Fitzgerald will speak. In the meantime, this whole day has been spent waiting for something we already knew about. Some random points that ought not to go unmentioned:

  • One of the CNN pundits on the Situation Room (sorry, Wolf’s manliness is distracting) invoked Bush’s oath during the 2000 campaign: “I will restore honor and dignity to the White House.” This whole brou-ha-ha? Not so much.
  • And by the way Karl Rove is still under investigaton.
  • And by the way there has been nary a peep about Dick Cheney. People really love seeing him as the dark puppeteer-villain of the piece. Fitz, throw ’em a bone?
  • Speaking of, Cheney has issued a statement accepting Scooter’s resignation and calling his right-hand man “one of the most capable and talented invidivuals I have ever known.” Then Cheney notes that an indictment is just a charge, and that any person charged is presumed innocent until proven otherwise after a full hearing of fact in a court of law. Since it’s an ongoing investigation, naturally it would be inappropriate for Cheney to comment on the charges. Naturally.
  • Once again, note that no charges have been brought under that super-strict 1982 statute prohibiting the wilful disclosure of a covert agent’s identity.
  • This entry makes it painfully obvious that a lot of the reporting on this issue has been reporting on the stuff that isn’t happening. PlameGate: The Seinfeld of Government Scandals!
  • George Stephanopoulos was on ABC earlier talking about Scooter, but now they’re back to showing “All My Children.”
  • Fitz, it’s all you. Bring it.