‘I Was Handed My Freedom Yesterday’

We’re blogstalking today, and found this.
Tech writer. Loved her coworkers, the environment, but never got good at her job, she says.
“I’d sit down at my desk, spread open a binder of user manuals or guides and stare at meaningless words on a paper that talked about wiring and batteries and electronics. I liked the technical aspect of the language, and I honestly tried my hardest, but I’m no engineer.”
She put in two years, fresh out of college, and was laid off last week. There was crying. A lot of crying, really: “Matt made me breakfast, I cried. People called, I cried. People texted, I cried.” But the experience of being laid off was also liberating: “I was handed my freedom yesterday,” she wrote.
It really is like a Kubler-Ross process; you have to cry and scream it out before getting to “okay, make the best of it.” And if you’re fresh out of school and have no expenses besides student loans, well, that makes it easier.
What’s next? What’s ever next? Not to get all philosophical on you. It sounds like this particular blogger may go from tech writing to travel writing. But really, the open road is ahead.
photo: Amarillo Chuck