I Want a Venti Cappuccino to Go with My Starbucks Idea

Where could all ideas, whether good or bad, simple or outrageous, will most likely come from? Where else but in coffee shops, right? This might be the reason why Starbucks decided to come up with its own social network for sharing ideas, aptly called My Starbucks Idea.

It’s a good idea actually to take use of the popularity of its product to come up with social networking and ideas sharing site. Not only would Starbucks get to promote their products but they can help advance or put to good these ideas as well.

My Starbucks Idea is a web portal where anyone can register and take part in the sharing, discussion and voting of ideas submitted by other members. It’s a simple social networking site with not too much frills or shrills. And this simplicity could actually make it work for achieving My Starbucks Idea’s overarching goal of mobilizing the people to come up with great ideas which could later on be put into good use.

If you want this noble endeavour, all you have to is register at the site. Then you can start asking questions, putting up your own ideas, vote for ideas of other members and perhaps meet your fellow coffee drinkers. That’s basically it. Free registration, no coffee purchase is required. But of course, it wouldn’t be so bad if you could buy a cup or two of your favourite Starbucks coffee concoction, right? Who wouldn’t, it’s Starbucks! Yes, I admit. I am a Starbucks coffee addict, that’s why I’m so glad that Starbucks has joined the social networking/web 2.0 bandwagon. I hope they bring in some free cups of frappuccino in My Starbucks Idea. Writing this post makes me want to go to the nearest Starbucks coffee shop and have my daily caffeine fix right now.