I Wanna Blather At Your Funeral

The Johnny Ramone memorial statue was unveiled last Friday at Hollywood Forever Cemetary. Most press coverage of the event has focused on Nic Cage and various Chili Peppers, but LA Weekly contributor / Hustler Magazine editor / cult public-access-cable celebrity Dan Kapelovitz gets the real scoop in his piece in today’s LA Weekly (second item down) when he quotes from Vincent Gallo’s rambling tribute:

“I knew to be Linda’s friend I had to be friends with Johnny, and he seemed so crotchety and mean and nasty. I’m more avant-garde than Johnny. Of course, I liked the Ramones, but I was more into more arty bands. It wasn’t like I needed to meet Johnny Ramone. I would have preferred the guitar player for Magazine or Ultravox or something.”

Then he went on to subtly explain that he was more intelligent than any of Johnny’s friends or family members. “[Johnny] told me that, other than him, I was the smartest person he knew.”