One of the most recognizable voices in Washington is about to get updated. Competition has been fierce to be the new voice of Metro, and it turns out that perhaps not surprisingly, the 10 finalists–picked from 1,259 entries–are packed with media types. There’s an ABC News producer, a former CNNer, a former NPRer, and someone from Gannett, as well as several radio hosts and deejays. Of course, it might just be that something that required people to send in samples of themselves talking might SLIGHTLY biased towards those who love the sound of their own voice.

The winner will be picked today, and then will have his or her piped into the Metro 33,017 times each day, playing to 700,000 riders.

You can listen to each of the entries at the Post website.

Columnist Marc Fisher handicapped the field:

ABCer Jon Garcia: “Very National Public Radio. Lacks authority: We need a parent, not a friend.”

Former CNNer and 20/20 Producer Mary Whittington: “Calm and personalble. Librarian manner might not wear well.”

Westwood One’s Sarah Fraser: “Nice big city feel, fits the frenetic rush hour, but too Reese Witherspoon-cute for Washingotn.”

Former NPRer Carol Rabel: “A bit daring for Metro: huskily alluring yet authoritative and pleasant.”

Gannett’s Linda Carducci: “Easy on the ears, but you’d do what she says. Give that voice a contract.”

> In a region as diverse as Washington, a reader makes an interesting note: “Anybody notice how WHITE the Metro voice candidates are? Looks like 10 for 10, to me.”