I Know Why the Caged Journalists Squabble

Sounds like tempers are wearing thin among the media corps in Santa Maria as the Jackson trial wheezes on. According to RadarOnline, Vanity Fair correspondent / bathroom-line-skipper Maureen Orth tangled with Fox News’s Roger Friedman:

Sources say the catfight began when Friedman, who frequently labors under the delusion that others are stealing his scoops, accused Orth of being a “clip queen” during a recess. “I hate to tell you this,” Orth replied coolly, “but you’re a laughingstock. I didn’t even know you were a reporter.” The fight escalated, but most observers agree it ended in a draw. But the peace was broken a few days later when Friedman’s cell phone went off in open court, causing a bailiff to escort him to the overflow room for a week’s detention. Unbowed by his new surroundings, the Jacko-loving journo immediately began griping about the prosecution so loudly that the bailiff had to move him to the back of the room, which Orth delightedly renamed the “dunce’s corner.”

Radar also reports on a confrontation between Court TV’s Diane Diamond and a Jackson-hired private investigator, and a reporter-cameraman tryst (complete with the not-quite-believable detail of a ‘violent[ly] rocking’ van). I really wish E! would expand its nightly Jackson re-enactments to include this sort of thing. Much more interesting than the trial itself.