I Finke, Therefore I Am

Yes, I know FishbowlLA is starting to look like FishbowlNikkiFinke. But, look, Finke just might be the best and most eccentric journalist covering Hollywood right now. Would you rather read about boring, bad journalists, or weird, good journalists? If all you other journalists out there were stranger, and better, then I could give Finke a rest. So hop to it.

In a PRWeek interview published today, Finke discusses her career and comments on her dealings with studio flacks:

[PR executives] all think that their world is so impenetrable that you will never learn the truth. They don’t begin to understand that with someone like me, my phone rings 20 times a day just with people in top positions giving me little morsels of who did what to whom, and how, and why. From their offices, their cars, their cell phones. That this kind of information is constantly being passed to me, and there’s no way any corporate flack can hide it. What they should be trying to do is not lie or even deny, but mitigate.

Also revealed in the interview: Finke’s original career ambition was to be a diplomat. Move over John Bolton!