I.D.’s Annual Review One Big Glorious Heap of Design


Would you take a look at this cover? The objects of I.D.’s 53rd Annual Design Review all piled up like that? It’s like Julie Lasky just cleaned out her garage. But that’s kinda the cool thing about this year’s picks and the way they’re shot (by Yoko Inoue, mostly at her Brooklyn apartment). They’re real items, for real purposes, discussed–at length–by a long list of jurors who talk like real people.

No surprises in a few places. For one, apparently we still like lights. The product design category winner is YvesYellow underwear is not just for girlsBehar’s Leaf Lamp and furniture winner is the super cool Hanabi light.

Understated printed projects by Matthew Ritchie and a birth announcement provide some of the biggest graphic wows, while home improvement enthusiasts will be delighted to hear they can run out and get three of the category winners: a re-engineered WD-40 can (packaging), the modular Drape House (environments) and the S2 Splithead Framing Hammer (equipment).

But the most striking pick comes in the concept category: “Brush & Rinse: Toothbrush prototypes that can redirect water from your faucet to your lips for easy rinsing.” We never knew we needed such a thing. Now, we can’t live without it.