I.D. Goes A.D.R. in 0-0-6


I.D. Magazine, not to be confused with id Magazine, which is your unconcious’ favorite periodical, has just released their new issue and the big feature is on the winners chosen for the 2006 Annual Design Review. And because they’re such great folks over at I.D., they’ve put the whole shebang up online, in all eight categories: consumer products, graphics, packaging, environments, furniture, equipment, concepts, and interactive. All of the winners are interesting, largely things we really hadn’t heard of before reading these pieces on them. The biggest question we had going in was the category “concepts” which we were kind of thinking could mean “anything, really.” Because, well, here’s a concept: “It would be really cool to live in a city that floated among the clouds inside of a gigantic bubble.” But, after reading about the winner, an interesting take on violence against women by Paul Bosveld, we learn that “concepts” means “the artsy stuff.”