I Am Speaking This Blog Post To You

jottNOTE: This blog post has been transcribed by Jott.com and left unedited in order to show you the power (and flaws) of the voice recognition system.

Okay, I don’t know if I mentioned this before but I want to let you guys know about a website Jott.com. In fact this entire blog post, I am not typing, I am talking it into machine and it is going to translated and converted to text. All you do is call an 866 number actually it’s 866 Jott 123, you then leave message you can leave one for yourself, let’s say you’re on the go, you’re in the car you want to leave a message go for it. Let’s see you have a reminder about work you want to organize your home so many applications, your voice can be converted into an e-mail, a text message, reminders, lists and appointments.

Unlike GOOG-411, which every time I called to try to get a phone number it never understands me. Granted I might not be the clearest most authoritative speaker in the world but come on, pretty straight forward English and they never get it. Jott on the other hand is remarkably simple and remarkably accurate. You can use it on any mobile device. Right now I’m on my cell phone, you can use this for blackberry’s, they’ve got numbers up in Canada that are available too. What a perfect tool cause you also get the audio and the text e-mailed to you. So if you’re a podcaster, you’re on the go, you could save ton’s of time.

Each call starts out with you letting the system know who you wanna send Jott to. If it’s you, you just say myself. If you want to send it to someone else, you can pre-load e-mail addresses and contacts, and send e-mails on the go. You don’t have to worry either that it’s going to mess up your words be embarrassingly wrong. One thing is, I’m not sure how long they give you to record. Every time I callback, it seems to be about 60 seconds. There might be a setting to make it longer. If there is, I have not found it yet. So, talk to Jotters like I’m doing. Text to link also and update Twitter.

E-mails will arrive anywhere from three to 15 minutes.

The only question is, how long until they start to charge for such a great feature. I can’t believe this one slipped under my radar until this point.

Not perfect, but pretty darn impressive! Hey Maris, do you mind if I start to phone in my blog posts? 🙂