I am Fair but Cruel Ruler

I woke this morning in my palace and asked ordered my guard to get me two Steak and Egg Bagels from McDonalds. My stooge ran to the local shop and produced my meal.

As I consumed my breakfast I surveyed my empire. My land was technologically advanced but a liberal free trade system, and an apparent lack of concern for the environment, has left my nation rich but ravaged (think 1984).

I received a notification that my subjects were having tax problems. Many of my small shop owners can not compete with large corporations. In a moment of haste I decided to give the small shops a tax break. Tomorrow I will most likely burn their shops to the ground to teach them a lesson.

The premise behind the game Nations is simple: start a nation, answer some simple questions on how you want to run your nation, and thats it. Every day you will receive a problem that needs your guidance. You can either be a humble and gracious leader (wimp) or you can rule you subjects with an iron fist (the appreciate your guidance).

The way you answer your questions will shape and guide your nation. Give Nations a shot for a week and let me know what you think of it. If your nation is successful it will rise through the ranks and will be the most successful dictator leader on all of Facebook.