I am a human being!!!

This blog will call me “guest editor,” but I swear I am more than just my temporary position.

Filling in for Claude today, next Wednesday, and Thursday will be me.… Ben Fritz. I’m here because I sat next to Claude in the Variety newsroom for a year and he was able to see every website I surfed and thus gathered enough incriminating evidence not just to get me to be his guest blogger during made up holidays like “pass over,” but to write a positive review of “The Business” podcast on iTunes every day for the next three years.

When I’m not writing about box office and animation and the Internet and video games for Variety (and scoring free video games in the process — but I swear I do it for love of reporting!), I’m writing for the satirical entertainment news site Dateline Hollywood and writing/producing video for our resident fake film critic Woody Wittman, about whom Claude recently said “[Woody] does for morning show movie critics what Borat has done for foreign correspondents.”

Of course now I owe him another year’s worth of iTunes reviews for that.