I Am A Facebook Addict

That shouldn’t really come as a surprise. It’s a good thing that much of my job already revolves around Facebook otherwise I would be in trouble. According to the Telegraph, over 70 percent of businesses in the U.K. have blocked Facebook from within their company. You know you are going to become a powerful brand when companies start banning you from the workplace. Could you imagine if they banned Google from work? That wouldn’t happen though since Google is where I find all my answers. Conversely, banning Facebook could become a problem if Facebook becomes my primary center of communication. A large percentage of my interactions already take place on Facebook now and I have a feeling that this will increase over the coming months. Om Malik suggests that all this Facebook interaction which has resulted in Facebook fatigue can be prevented. By simply accepting friend requests from people that are in your cell phone, you can limit the amount of interaction on Facebook. I have to agree with Om but at this point my Facebook account has almost become as tainted as my email account. Perhaps it is time to heed Om’s advice and become more selective. How open are you in accepting friend requests?