Hyundai’s New Sponsored Content Series Makes Fun of Sponsored Content

"I get a big fat check every time I say 'Hyundai Veloster.'"

Have trouble describing clients’ content campaigns to your relatives? Here’s a new, self-explanatory series created for Hyundai by IFC/AMC, ad agency Innocean, and Above Average, the same team behind last year’s “first PR sitcom” Seriously Distracted.

It’s particularly relevant to PR folks because it stars Vanessa Bayer of Saturday Night Live as an image consultant and media training specialist.

“Weird Al” is also involved:

We’ll let you determine how successful the work turned out to be in comedic terms, but the ad that airs before the “content” may be more effective. As Bayer puts it:

“I get a big fat check every time I say ‘Hyundai Veloster.'”

Will this project lead to more sales of the aforementioned Veloster? That’s for Hyundai’s marketing department to figure out.

But it does allow for some good pitching opportunities: we heard from both IFC/AMC’s internal team and the firm representing the “creative agencies” involved.

If you dislike it, you can always blame Jerry Seinfeld.