Hyperink: A Publisher For The Search Engine Age

Digital publishing has changed the way that books are distributed and read, but a new publishing company called Hyperink aims to change the way that books are sought out. Call it books for the search engine age.

Forbes has more: “Hyperink generally does not select from books that are submitted by authors. Instead, the company finds topics that are in demand through analysis of things like Google search trends. Then it seeks out authors for those topics.”

Here is more from the Hyperink site about how the books get written: “Most of our experts are very busy individuals, and this is where our Hyperink journalists come in. We pair you (the expert) with a professional journalist who generates the content and co-authors the book under your consultation. They’ll interview you over Skype and email to capture what you know, and pair that with their own research and Hyperink’s resources to write the manuscript. If you’d prefer to write your own book, we’ll provide you with guidance on content, editing, cover design, publishing, and most importantly, marketing.”

Hyperink already has niche titles such as The Best Book on Ivy League Admissions, The Best Book on Getting Corporate Law Jobs and The Best Book on Law School Admissions. Royalties are paid out to the experts based on their involvement with the titles. (For experts that want to write the book themselves they can get up to 50% of royalties).