H’wood’s writers and actors resist ‘subliminable’ ads – but will Bush’s FCC back them up?

I was just sitting down to write this blog, energized by my steaming cup of Starbucks Morning Blend, when I happened upon both a New York Times piece and an L.A. Times story about Hollywood’s two creative unions behaving strangely. For one thing, the WGA and SAG weren’t in the midst of giving in to some internecine atrocities.

Tide with Downy Liquid Soft Ocean Mist 300 L.jpg

No; they were working together to stop the spread of subliminal advertising, in much the same way that Tide With a Touch of Downy works so well with Downy to whiten whites and keep colors bright while keeping your fabrics feeling soft with that great Tide scent.



Explained SAG president Alan Rosenberg:

“Just as there is an established right to truth-in-advertising, there should be a similar right to truth-in-programming where advertising is concerned. The sharp increase of product placement in film and television too often takes place without any compensation to the very performers that are expected to push those products and more often is done without any consultation with those performers.”


Even more astonishing, WGA president Patric Verrone publicly observed that networks “started doing it in reality TV, where writers don’t have union protections and are easy marks for getting this kind of material in there” – another powerful hint that the Writers Guild might be serious abou organizing the reality TV business.

Togetherness? Cooperation? From Hollywood unions?

In the words of Butch Cassidy, “Who are those guys?”