Husband Rents Billboard & Pleads “Please Hire My Wife”

Desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

As we head out to enjoy the long holiday weekend, here’s a similar tale to the one we mentioned last week whereby a New Yorker stood on city streets to distribute his resume.

Well, one husband in Toledo, OH took it one step further. He hired a billboard with a message that read: “Please Hire My Wife” along with her picture and an e-mail address.

According to AOL Jobs, Holly Stuard’s position as MBA program manager at the University of Toledo was eliminated last year courtesy of budget cuts. Despite searching online for jobs, revamping her resume, and interviewing, she has yet to land a new gig.

Taking matters into his own hands, her husband Stuard spent about $700 on two billboards for one week in downtown Toledo and West Toledo.

But here’s the kicker – it was a surprise! Holly wasn’t aware of the billboards until he drove her across town to dinner. She explained to the site, “At first I was a little embarrassed. That’s more attention than I normally draw to myself. But when it really sunk in, I thought it was creative and thoughtful, and he was trying to help me.”

It sounds like surprising his wife is nothing new but according to her, he took it to  “a whole new level.”

As for the outcome? Her goal is to run a training and development group but many messages to her new e-mail address,, have been encouraging words from strangers.