Hurry and Write the Release! Now, Wait

Waiting for press release approval from your boss, client and their customers or partners is a standard procedure in the PR industry. News often can’t be made public until all of the involved parties have signed off on it.

Many times, this is referred to as “hurry up and wait,” because you have to get the release copy out fast, only to wait for your colleagues to review and approve it. Over at the inmedia PR blog, Linda Frost dissects this process, and makes a point some of us are likely familiar with: size matters.

Typically, though not always, the larger the organization, the longer you’re going to have to wait for sign off. There’s a good chance that the materials will have to float up through a sophisticated communications department to a c-level executive, and come back down through the ranks back to your hands. These departments are busy with announcements and initiatives of their own and so sometimes your news will have a lesser priority in the sign-off pile.

What’s your experience with press release approval processes? Do you have a good story to tell? Let us know.