Hurricane Sandy Victims May Be Eligible for Job-Related Disaster Assistance Payments

Residents of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut may be eligible for disaster assistance payments if a job was lost due to Hurricane Sandy.

As reported by CNN Money, people must be unemployed specifically due to the storm. Another qualification is that they’re ineligible for traditional unemployment benefits.

Payments may last up to 26 weeks and range from $405 per week in New York to $648 in Connecticut. Again, in order to be eligible unemployment must reflect a direct result of the natural disaster.

As for people this who fall into the category of being ineligible for “regular” unemployment assistance, that includes freelancers who lost their business completely or experienced a significant interruption of work as a direct result of Sandy.

Another grim note is unemployed people who had to become the head of the household due to the death of the former head of the household as a direct result of the storm.

This list also includes workers who are unemployed as a result of a disaster-related injury, workers who can’t reach their employer physically as a result of the hurricane. It also applies to people who received a job offer and were scheduled to start but abruptly became unemployed because the job was lost as a result of the storm.

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