Hurricane Sandy Update

Displaced by storm, American Media Inc. prepares to move back

It’s soon going to be back to business as usual for American Media Inc. Nearly four months after Hurricane Sandy soaked its 4 New York Plaza HQ in lower Manhattan, AMI is planning to move back in, company chairman David Pecker said.

"The mayor's office just gave us approval to move back in," he said. "We'll start this weekend and be back in by March 1."

AMI’s hundreds of employees have been scattered around the city in borrowed offices from Reader’s Digest Association in White Plains to Bonnier Corp. in Midtown to Brooklyn. Some editors even relocated to AMI’s Boca Raton, Fla., offices.

“It was a disaster,” Pecker said. “It was like being a gypsy. Everybody had to use their cell phones. It’s been very difficult to work this way.”

AMI’s ordeal may soon be over, but fellow tenant the New York Daily News can’t say as much. The Daily News was forced to relocate its operations to its New Jersey printing plant and elsewhere after Sandy hit.

President and CEO Bill Holiber said the paper was rebuilding its data center and that it would be “a few months” before the staff can return. Still, that would be better than an earlier projection that called for the paper to be displaced for up to a year.