Kiwi Filmmaker Visits Hunter S. Thompson Territory

Famed gonzo journalist was born on this day in 1937.

Graeme Tuckett’s first pass at a Hunter S. Thompson-worthy lede was this:

I was somewhere near Aspen when the coffee took hold.

However, per a piece this weekend in New Zealand newspaper the Sunday Star, Tuckett quickly checked himself, for a number of reasons, not the least of which being the fact that, as he puts it, ‘anyone who’s ever drunk American coffee knows it doesn’t so much ‘take hold’ as limp down your gullet for a brief nap before converting itself far too easily into the warm urine it so nearly resembled on the way in.’

Thompson was born on this date in 1937. The celebrated gonzo journalist checked out in 2005 at age 67, and certainly, Tuckett’s piece about a trip to the Woody Creek Tavern in Colorado is a great way to pay respects. The author has made several films and in 2012 started a pair of online directories that catalog the availability of below-the-line New Zealand film and TV production personnel.

The tavern is a perfect shrine to Thompson. There’s no Thompson merchandise, and on the day Tuckett visited, he was the only worshiper in sight. It will be different today, of course. But soon, things will be back to Aspen-adjacent normal. Read the rest of Tuckett’s piece here.

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Image courtesy: Woody Creek Tavern