Some Shameless Hunter S. Thompson Co-Opting

Akamai rides the wrong cloud.

Today is, sadly, the tenth anniversary of Hunter S. Thompson’s suicide.

AkamaiGoldSponsorAlong with some tributes, a news search on this February 20, 2015 also returns dozens of replicated results from the tech industry PR side. Why? Because Akamai Technologies is a gold sponsor of one of the leading repositories of such information (SYS-CON Media) and is actively on this Friday promoting a white paper authored by one of its employees titled: “Fear & Loathing in the Enterprise Cloud (with apologies to Hunter S. Thompson).” On his behalf, apologies not accepted.

Look, Mr. Gary Ballabio, San Francisco-based product line developer for Akamai. We’re sure you didn’t mean to overtly offend. But today, you have. Our advice moving forward is to scrub this weird go at cleverness and maybe just re-calibrate to something like Blade Runner.

We will, nonetheless, give Ballabio some minor Woody Creek points for the following. While his associative layers for “fear” are way HST-off (security, uptime, responsiveness), his tags for “loathing” sound strangely spot-on (exaggerated claims, undisclosed complexity, etc.). With an extra emphasis, these days, on the “etc.”

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