Hunt To Bloombergians: Justify My Love

So the invites for Saturday’s Bloomberg After Party (photos from last year here and here) went out last night. Were you invited?!?


Well, if you actually work for Bloomberg, that doesn’t mean you’re necessarily invited. Bloomberg’s D.C. Bureau Chief Al Hunt sent out the following notice, obtained by FishbowlDC, to staffers yesterday:

    The numbers for the Afterparty have been cut back again this year. Although we would love to have all of you join us, we won’t be able to accommodate everyone. If you have a business reason to attend the afterpaty, please message Ha Chan to have your name submitted for review. Thanks, Al

Now, before you get all “Oh, the horror!” on Hunt, consider this: Bloomberg’s DC bureau now has something like 150 people in it and it’s been quite a while since everybody has been able to attend the party. If you were to let in all employees their significant others, then, golly: How could all the movie stars fit?