Hunt for thousands of items in Mosaic Medley on iPad


San Francisco-based Plixl has announced the worldwide availability of its hidden object game Mosaic Medley on iPad. The game sees players completing mosaic-style hidden object scenes, finding key items to earn points while being timed. Each scene can contain up to 300 objects, which are arranged in busy “Where’s Waldo?” inspired collages, rather than realistic environments.

Each scene requires energy to play, and offers mastery medallions to encourage users to repeatedly play the same scenes. A light quest system leads players forward, and a “text” tool helps gamers learn the names of items they may otherwise not recognize on a scene. That is, in a flower mosaic, where players are asked to find very specific varieties of flowers, players can tap on each image in the mosaic to see the flower’s name for future reference.

At the end of each scene, players earn points for the objects they’ve found, combo points for finding items in rapid succession and bonus points for completing scenes quickly. Gamers also earn coins at the end of each scene, which can be spent on unlocking new scenes.


A hint system brings more monetization options to the game, as users can purchase hints for instantly finding a single item, removing a large group of non-key items from the mosaic, and more.

“We had so much fun creating Mosaic Medley and are really excited to confirm its worldwide release. The game puts a great and unexpected new twist on the hidden object genre,” said Krysta Curtis, Mosaic Medley co-developer. “We wanted to create a casual game that players could pick up and enjoy right away, with a hint of nostalgia to pay homage to the games that kept us entertained as kids!”

Mosaic Medley is available to download for free on iPad. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.