Hungry Man John Dickerson

John Dickerson, Political Director for CBS,  is having a weird 24 hours.  According to his Twitter page anyway.  It all started yesterday around lunchtime when he tweeted “Can someone tweet about their lunch?  I am starving and have no time to eat”.  Gee John.  That seems like a good way to make a personal hunger crisis worse.  Asking people to tell you all about the food that you aren’t able to eat.  In fact, it did make matters worse.  Moments later, Dickerson tweeted to Drew Cline, Editorial Page Editor for the New Hampshire Union Leader and asked if he could make his avatar of a BBQ pulled pork sandwich “scratch and sniff”.  SOMEONE GET THIS MAN A PACK OF CRACKERS!!

Poor John lived through the hunger ordeal to rise and see the light of today.  Well…  Sort of.  His first tweet in the pre-dawn hours of morning read “When you dress by the light of the iPhone it’s hard to know whether the socks are black or brown”.  And then moments later, tweeted “When you wake with a headache does that mean you were doing a lot of calculus in your dreams?”

Everything else appears to be back to normal since this morning, but if you see a man with mismatched socks complaining of hunger pangs, please tell John Dickerson we said hello.