Hungry? Here are the top 25 Facebook pages about food

Thanksgiving is a day for family, football … and food. All over the U.S., families will take to the dining table and share a special meal. Food is also a very popular topic on Facebook, as food and beverage pages are among the most-liked.

Through PageData, we can see which food and beverage pages are the most popular on Facebook, with Coca-Cola leading the pack.

#NameTotal Likes Daily GrowthWeekly Growth
1    Coca-Cola76,257,250+49,811+415,884
2    Red Bull41,317,572+21,687+152,005
3    Starbucks35,512,610+9,170+59,234
4    Oreo34,793,122+2,379+29,092
5    McDonald’s29,712,300+1,642+19,852
6    Pepsi28,956,306+7,908+65,520
7    Pringles26,106,208+1,175+12,474
8    Skittles25,659,750+10,936+60,641
9    Monster Energy23,694,555+6,645+21,777
10    Kit Kat20,103,051+25,777+224,777
11    Ferrero Rocher18,758,607+1,684+13,587
12    Nutella17,941,631+744+5,047
13    Guaraná Antarctica16,114,257+15,366+112,245
14    Heineken15,948,528+15,116+109,200
15    Dr Pepper15,898,870+757+2,926
16    Sprite15,839,558+15,153+51,842
17    NESCAFÉ13,635,705+21,218+153,846
18    Skol12,995,150+6,912+42,028
19    Fanta12,796,161+18,260+103,950
20    Starburst12,369,979+167+581
21    Trident11,824,080+1,034+9,002
22    Buffalo Wild Wings11,779,101+7,342+51,772
23    Starbucks Frappuccino10,953,081-8+1,050
24    Pizza Hut10,879,190+1,396+17,738
25    Snickers10,546,627+1,314+9,037

Readers: How many of these brands do you like on Facebook?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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