‘Hunger Games,’ LMFAO, Miracle-Gro, more on this week’s top 20 growing Facebook pages

Popular films, musicians, sports figures, TV shows and more made our list of the top 20 growing Facebook pages by Likes this week.

Pages on our list this week grew from between 331,400 to 1 million Likes. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth across Facebook.

NameLikesTalking AboutDaily GrowthWeekly Growth
1. My Name is Khan1,070,0914,189+170,696+1,056,132
2. LMFAO12,389,762254,460+403,284+1,053,962
3. Miracle-Gro808,393393,862+130,802+803,173
4. Ricardo Kakà15,400,069107,898+9,183+775,131
5. Historia de amor1,793,256849,586+2,746+642,957
6. The Hunger Games3,477,961754,238+59,643+505,918
7. Resident Evil 5655,57815,711+177,775+455,448
8. Jeremy Lin954,881552,606+34,979+438,508
9. Titanic18,602,631555,362+48,538+411,845
10. Leo Messi33,864,831368,153+40,007+408,625
11. The Simpsons42,474,694472,028+58,098+393,666
12. Adele24,472,313533,271+38,059+391,139
13. Futebol Clube do Porto837,63226,668+17,304+378,028
14. Intel8,055,829439,321+46,894+364,147
15. Will Smith28,720,007481,089+11,451+355,383
16. The Twilight Saga31,645,042675,063+25,326+351,092
17. K and K Take454,208320+90,575+350,189
18. Skrillex4,795,110463,531+13,087+348,145
19. Facebook64,459,973452,743+37,591+332,794
20. Shrek23,534,613481,487+16,761+331,436

My Name is Khan” is an Indian film that topped our our list, although it appeared to be the result of page consolidations. Then, several popular movies grew significantly, including “The Hunger Games,” “Titanic” and “The Twilight Saga.” Several musicians that are currently on tour also grew on our list, LMFAO and Skrillex in particular.

Apropos to its name, Miracle-Gro seemed to grow in a one-day spurt, hinting at a consolidation. There was a humor page, Historia de amor, that grew significantly. There were a few popular sports figures, Ricardo Kakà, Jeremy LinLeo Messi, and Portuguese football team Futebol Clube do Porto. These pages grew mostly by updating based on activities surrounding the players or teams.

Popular TV shows “The Simpsons” and “K and K Take” closed out the list.