Willy Wonka and the Condescending Twitter Factory

If you search on Twitter for “Condescending Wonka,” words that connect to an infamous Internet meme, you may well be stupefied by the results. There are dozens of such CW-named feeds, some with follower counts that reach into the hundreds of thousands.

In one sense, it’s no surprise that the 1971 Gene Wilder movie has been sliced, diced and co-opted like just about ever other piece of pop culture. But FishbowlLA wondered who sits behind some of the top Wonka goofs such as @WonkaTweets.

The account belongs to Glenn Davis, a 15-year-old New Jersey resident who also operates @TheComedyJokes (1.1 million plus followers) and about a half-dozen other Twitter pages. He says he’s making some nice change by dropping in the occasional sponsored tweet and is happy to keep at this profitable full-time hobby until “Twitter doesn’t exist anymore.”

The Wilder “condescending” meme really took off when it was gleefully claimed by fans of The Hunger Games. Davis launched @WonkaTweets in the summer of 2011 and says it has been helped along by the odd celebrity re-tweet action.

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