Humble Voice – Community of Artists

Not long ago was launched new community of artists called Humble Voice. The idea of Humble Voice is to join creative people – musicians, artists, photographers, writers and to create space where they can share their talent.

Humble voice logo

I was asking Joshua Dziabiak, who is one of the Humble Voice team, to explain the idea of this social community:

“Our focus is quality users who aren’t here to make them self popular or to SPAM their message to all of their friends. We believe that by focusing on real people who have real creative abilities (art, photography, music, etc.) that it will help us develop a growing community that can be respected.”

Every user at HV can create profile pages as in MySpace and share their talent: upload music, video, photo and create network of friends. The most important thing in social networks is to interact with others and here HV have wide range of features which you can use – leave comments, send messages and rate other people works. At the main page of HV is several categories where you can see featured artists in every form of art: music, video, photography, visual art and literature.

Humble voice page

One of the most important difference from other social networks like MySpace is the fine design of Humble Voice. It surprised me at first time, the way how the team of HV have solved things connected with profile pages and media displaying is pretty amazing. I was also asking Jacques Sebastian-Alton, who makes interesting graphic works ( and also is member of Humble Voice, his thoughts about this social network and here is what he wrote:

“I like the interface and all the flash and ajax scripting on this site; it’s nothing like MySpace which screams tackyness with its ads and poor design. I just hope that when the non-beta version is launched, there will be no sudden burst of incoming “emo” kids, graphics stealers, spammers, etc… just like all the other networking sites. “

Thoughts of Libby – the girl with most beautiful eyes:

“If I were to describe it in a few words I would call it different, hipster, indie, creative, and perfect. It brings together the elements of deviantart, myspace, youtube, and flickr in to one giant lovechild.
I love how interactive it is and I feel that people on here are truly interested in the website not for the purpose of getting friend requests or comments such as on the disaster I’d like to refer to as myspace, but for they are on here for the purpose of their love of the different mediums of art. People are here to learn and get inspiration from other peoples art work, as well as have their own works be praised and critiqued. “

For me Humble Voice is one of the most interesting projects what I have seen lately but I must agree with Pete Cashmore from Mashable that Humble Voice is new player in a very crowded market and it is pretty hard to rise number of members, but I think HV still have possibility to get certain audience of creative peoples and be a strong player in this niche.

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