Humble Bundle Returns With New Game: Botanicula

Amarita Labs, the minds behind the Humble Indie Bundle, are offering a new deal today with the launch of their new game.

While past Bundles have included a selection of games from a number of independent game developers, this new bundle is features only games from Amarita Labs, including the brand new Botanicula. This game is built in the same point and click style of their past games. It features a cast of bug inspired characters who must work together to save the day.

This bundle works slightly differently than past bundles. While in the past you could pay whatever you wanted and get the entire bundle, this time around you will only get 3 of the games (Botanicula, Samorost 2, and Machinarium). You’ll need to pay more than the average payment to get the rest of the bundle, a 4th game and a movie made by several developers at Amarita Labs.

As for me, I won’t be buying this bundle. I’ve played a couple of the games in this bundle before and while Amarita Labs might call the games point & click, I think a better name would be guess and click. Each game was a collection of puzzles and they were nearly impossible to figure out. There were times where the only way to solve a puzzle was to already know the solution or randomly click on the screen in the hopes it would help.

Amarita Labs