A Pair of Milestones for the Czech Version of Humans of New York

A prestigious prize and a nice round number.

It’s been a good spring for Tomáš Princ. In April, he won the Best Blog prize at the Czech Republic’s annual Magnesia Litera Awards. And last week, he posted the 1,000th entry on Humans of Prague, a city chronicle with a format inspired by Humans of New York.


During a local radio interview, Princ told Ruth Fraňková that he hopes to put the Magnesia prize money towards a book version of the blog. He also recalled the existential way the project began:

Do you still remember the first person you portrayed?

“It was not the first I published but it was the first person I approached, and I published it later. It was a man standing on a railway bridge at Výtoň and he was staring down on the river. I asked him, ‘What are you thinking about?’ And he answered, ‘I am thinking about what I will do tomorrow.'”

Princ says another inspiration for Humans of Prague was documentary filmmaker Jan Špáta, who traveled across the country in the 1960s and asked people to reveal their biggest wish. On Humans of New York’s Countries section, there is no trip to Eastern Europe documented (yet).