Hulu Wants You To Use Facebook — and Only Facebook

An article over at Forbes takes a look at a recent decision by Hulu to encourage users to sign in with Facebook — or else lose the ability to engage with the site’s social features.  That means if you signed in with Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail, then you have no ability to share your content with friends.

Users that were using the aforementioned networks lost all their friends lists and the ability to share with other friends.  The company prefers to have everyone sign up with Facebook, and this is a strong indication of just how far Facebook has come.  When Facebook Connect was first launched, people were in fact wondering why people would even use the service when they could create their own user accounts and networks… and what if someone doesn’t have Facebook?

With moves like this by Hulu, we can see that these days it’s almost assumed that a user will have a Facebook account, and even a big network like Hulu can insist a user use their Facebook so that Hulu can benefit from accessing their friends list.  It’s surprising to see this level of reliance after Hulu had problems with Facebook last year, but clearly the problems are solved.

So what do you think?  Will we be using Facebook as our accounts on most websites in the years to come?