Hulu Viewers Can Now Spend ‘The Morning After’ With Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa

Pop culture is smelling better already

Look at your TV. Now look at your browser. Now look at your TV. Now back to your browser. It's the same handsome devil you remember from his towel-only days as The Old Spice Guy, hosting Hulu's The Morning After. Here is his first episode.

"Jace Hall and I are pretty good friends," Mustafa told Adweek. "He's got a good setup over at HD films, so I've been doing that for the last few years, popping in, bugging Jason, and eventually he said, 'It'd be really nice if you could do some work next time you come in here.'"

Juuust kidding. Mustafa is, of course, a highly sought-after guy since his breakout work in Wieden + Kennedy's very successful 2010 Old Spice campaign, during which Mustafa demonstrated his chops as both a comedian and a hard worker—the guy did 186 videos in three days as part of a "personalized responses" edition of his famous stint as company spokesman.

The Morning After, a pop culture show along similar lines to E!'s The Soup, has attracted a number of high-profile advertisers, from Ford to XBox, with some 400 episodes already in the can. If a streaming service that still has that new-computer-smell (like Hulu) can be said to have an established franchise, The Morning After is definitely one of Hulu's.

Modesty aside, Mustafa's talents (and his naked chest) resulted in "explosive brand sales" for Procter & Gamble and helped to earn the CPG company and its agency a slew of brand awards; Hulu is hoping the viral star's magic will translate to a slightly longer format. 

The show, Mustafa told Adweek, "kinda speaks to those who sit in an office job and have to kinda sit there and make our world go round. Sometimes they don't have time to go back to the television and check things out, so it's a nice little chunk, like five to seven minutes, that they can put into their day."

Five to seven minutes? "Yeah, most of my Internet presence is a minute and thirty seconds," Mustafa deadpanned. "Now I'm going all the way to five minutes—I have no idea what I'm going to do with all that extra time."

Mustafa's job, at the moment, is "having as much fun as I can muster up." The actor has aspirations, obviously—he told a writer that his dream was to play Marvel Comics' Luke Cage—but he's happy where he is, for now. "I just think you're going to get a little bit more of my personality with it," he said. "It's a great hosting crew right now; you're gonna get a little more of what my fans kinda like—some of that nonsense that I bring to the table."