Hulu Lowered Hulu Plus Monthly Fee & Updated iPhone/iPad App

When Hulu launched its Hulu Plus iPad app, it also launched a preview of its Hulu Plus streaming TV show service for $9.99 a month. There were two problems with this:

1. Hulu (non-plus) users were used to a free desktop service. $9.99 per month seemed like a lot
2. Hulu didn’t provide a trial period for the preview service. You either started paying $9.99 per month or were content to watch to handful of preview clips

In the meantime, Netflix subscribers who had been paying fixed monthly fees ($8.99 per month at the low subscription end) for years to watch rotating queues of physical DVD discs were happy with the addition of Netflix’s streaming movie and TV show service at no additional cost. You can imagine who drew the lion’s share of positive attention. Hulu probably took that into consideration as they emerged from the preview phase this week and lowered their monthly fee to a more reasonable $7.99 per month (20% drop) and undercut Netflix by $1. They still have the little problem of annoying paying customers with commercials while Netflix does not.

Hulu Plus Launches Out of Preview for $7.99/month

Netflix also updated their iPhone/iPad app this week.

Hulu Plus 2.0

It features:

– New split-screen player on iPad
– Enhanced queue and subscription management
– Improved playback performance
– New thumbnail behavior on iPad

If you don’t already subscribe to Hulu Plus, do you find the new lower price and updated app enticing enough to part with $8 per month to stream new-ish and old TV shows?