Hulu Doesn't Understand Concept of Preview: Hulu Plus for iPad Preview Requires $9.99 Payment with Commercials

Initial Hulu preview signup page
Hulu Plus preview payment section

If Hulu ran movie theaters, we would probably have to pay to see the commercials and preview movie trailers that precede the main movie. That’s the impression I got after finally getting an “invitation” to try out Hulu’s streaming video service to their iPad app. Their “preview” requires signing up for a $9.99 per month fee. And, as we already knew, this service will still show advertisements.

In my opinion a service preview period is a try out period that helps a potential customer decide whether the service is worth a monthly recurring fee. Paying for a service from day one is not a “preview”. So, I guess I won’t be trying Hulu on my iPad. Deleting the app now.