Hulu Adopts Apple’s New iOS App Rules

Hulu has adapted its Hulu iPad app to follow Apple’s new revised rules for subscription applications. Hulu has removed a link to its website where users can buy a subscription outside of the App Store, which is no longer acceptable to Apple.

The Hulu application for iPad used to have a link inviting users to visit the site to subscribe to the service. Now, the app is free of such links and simply invites users to login.

AllThingsDigital has more: “That means that the app can no longer function as an effective advertising tool for the video service, which is a bummer for Hulu (which is owned by Comcast’s NBC, Disney’s ABC and News Corp.’s Fox; News Corp. also owns this Web site). It’d be quite useful to offer a smattering of free content on the app, then encourage users who want more stuff to click through to to pony up $8 a month.”

Will Amazon follow suit? It would be a big deal not to be able to link back to its site to sell books, however think of the readers they’d lose if they did not support iOS platforms.