Hulk Hogan Shrugs, Decides Might as Well Sue Gawker Again

Not much else going on anyway.

hogan v GawkerTerry Bollea (aka Hulk Hogan) has decided to sue Gawker Media one more time. Well, maybe not just one more time. The way this is going, who knows.

Bollea—who has already been awarded $140 million from Gawker for publishing his sex tape, a ruling Gawker is currently appealing—now claims that Gawker leaked closed court documents to the National Enquirer. The documents, from yet another sex tape, feature Bollea going on a racist rant about his daughter’s black boyfriend.

As a result of the Enquirer publishing Bollea’s comments, the New York Post reports that Bollea’s legal team said his “income was cut off, his legacy in entertainment was severely damaged (if not completely destroyed), and his global brand was forever tarnished.”

Gawker Media has responded to the new lawsuit by describing it as “ridiculous.”

“Hulk Hogan is a litigious celebrity abusing the court system to control his public image and media coverage,” said Gawker, in a statement. “It was absurd enough that Hulk Hogan claimed $100m for emotional distress and economic damage for a story about a sex life that he’d already made public. Now Hulk Hogan is blaming Gawker for racist remarks he made on another sex tape, which Gawker never had. As we’ve said before and are happy to say again: Gawker did not leak the information. It’s time for Hulk Hogan to take responsibility for his own words, because the only person who got Hulk Hogan fired from the WWE is Hulk Hogan.”