Hulk Hogan Erased from the WWE for Being Racist

Is this what being "A Real American" means?

Since World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has left the Attitude Era for a kindler, friendlier version of sports entertainment, WWE officials have been on the prowl to weed out the riff raff and make their production as boring as humanly possible.

That explains the pre-emptive strike WWE went on to remove its biggest living star from every online property just in case Hulk Hogan happens to be a redneck racist.

Wait, what?!

If you visit the main website and search for Hogan’s profile online, an error message appears which reads: “You are not authorized to access this page.”

The roster, Tough Enough judges, and even the WWE Hall of Fame–no one has seen Hulk Hogan get finished so fast since his $10 million sex tape went live. And in true form, the National Enquirer released the alleged audio.

Hulk Hogan is gone from the WWE, allegedly due to a racist audio clip which is about to be released by the National Enquirer. Wade Keller of PWTorch shared a link to a post at, which alleges:

“…the National Enquirer releases audio of the Hulkster dropping the N-word so liberally that insiders are saying “there’s no coming back from this.””

A snippet, transcribed:

This isn’t the first racism claim hurled in Hogan’s direction. Last year, he opened a restaurant in Tampa, Fla. which posted a dress code that angered many folks nearby.


That was something of a non-story, and pro wrestling still held Hogan in its bearish embrace. This time? Not so much.

Experts have searched high and low for a statement, but nothing has been found yet. In the meantime, Hulk went all cryptic on everyone:

Whatever happens to the Hulkster, he probably needs to take more vitamins and say more prayers…brother.